Beginning Tutorials

REMINDER: Starting Fall 2016 students creating an ePortfolio for the FIRST time should use the SLCC's platform, Digication.


Before you start building your site, click HERE for some advice on Substance and Style. The following tutorials offer instructions and tips for building the basic structure (skeleton) of your SLCC Gen Ed ePortfolio. A link to Advanced Tutorials can also be found at the bottom of this page. Don't forget to hide your site from search engines and also read the "ePortfolios Dos and Don'ts" before beginning your ePortfolio.


You cannot block your site from search engines on this platform. So make sure to not include your name in the URL or in the site title.

Tutorial #1:
Starting an ePortfolio on Jimdo 

This tutorial will walk you through how to start an ePortfolio on Jimdo, as well as how to create your navigation menu and choose a design that speaks to your personality. 


Tutorial #2:
Creating the Basic ePortfolio Outline 

You'll learn how to create the basic outline of your ePortfolio. The basic outline should include the following tabs in your navigation menu: Welcome, Goals and Outcomes, Coursework, Outside the Classroom, and Resume. You will create a hidden page (a page that does not appear in your navigation menu) for each of your courses. Tutorial #6 will walk you through how to create a hidden course page. 

Tutorial #3:
Developing Your "Welcome" Page 

You'll learn how to craft an engaging "Welcome" page for your ePortfolio in this tutorial. 

  • Click HERE for an excellent "Welcome" page example.

Tutorial #4:
Developing Your "Goals and Outcomes" Page (You Have Goals & We Have Outcomes)

This tutorial will introduce you to the requirements for the "Goals and Outcomes" page. It will also invite you to consider your short and long-term goals, as well as how your coursework and other learning experiences have helped you achieve SLCC's Gen Ed Learning Outcomes. You will need to copy and paste the Learning Outcomes to your "Goals and Outcomes" page.

  • Click HERE for the list of the Learning Outcomes so that you know where to find them for the "copy and paste" part of this tutorial.

  • Click HERE for an engaging example of a "Goals and Outcomes" page. 

Tutorial #5:
Your "Coursework" Page: The Menu

You will learn how to create and appropriately organize your "Coursework" page. Remember that NO course assignments or reflections should appear on this page. It will function as a "menu" page for your courses. Click HERE for a great example of a "Coursework" page. 

Tutorial #6:
Developing a Dynamic Course Page & Linking 

Learn how to create an engaging, multi-modal course page by watching this tutorial. Use this tutorial to help you think about the design of all of your course pages. 


Click HERE to experience an engaging course page for a Culture and Human Experience course. 


Closed captions coming soon. 

Tutorial #7:
Developing Your "Outside the Classroom" & "Resume" Pages

This seventh tutorial will show you how to craft an "Outside the Classroom" page that demonstrates your thinking, learning, and doing in your world outside of the classroom. This page is a great place for you to showcase your volunteer work, interests, other types of service (military, nursing, etc.), passions, etc. Click HERE for a fantastic multimedia "Outside the Classroom" page and click HERE for a nice "Resume" page example. 

Tutorial #8:
Sharing Your ePortfolio (MyPage and Canvas)

This tutorial will walk you through how to link your ePortfolio in MyPage and how to share it with other audiences.