Welcome to SLCC's Jimdo ePortfolio Help Site

Why ePortfolio? To show and tell the story of your learning. Live your learning. Share your learning.

This is SLCC’s help site for students who have chosen Jimdo to build their General Education ePortfolio. The help site was built using free standard Jimdo features and services that you can use for your ePortfolio. SLCC students are now building fantastic General Education ePortfolios. Jimdo is one dynamic digital space in which you can build your ePortfolio. ePortfolios can help you step ahead by providing a space to showcase, reflect upon, and share your best work with faculty, scholarship committees, potential employers, or any other relevant audiences. ePortfolios can be used to show and tell the story of your academic career in its entirety. 


As you can see from the menu above, this site has video tutorials to get you started, advice and tips for your ePortfolio, examples of strong ePortfolios, and information where and when to get additional help.


NOTE: If you have not watched the "ePortfolio Introductory" video, now would be a good time to watch it.
You will find an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of using Jimdo below this exciting video. 

ePortfolio Intro Video

Pros & Cons of Using Jimdo

*uses a “click and add” method for incorporating content into a page

500 MB storage


+this platform is easy to use and a great choice for beginners

+custom header

+custom footer

+does not require you to remember which email you used

+makes it easy for you to sign into your account from MyPage

+interfaces with Dropbox

+automatically publishes after saving

+easy to organize/reorganize, add, and remove material

+does not overwhelm you with too many options when it comes to designing

+allows you to set up your pages easily from any page of your ePortfolio

+custom privacy policy



-does not autosave and each element must be saved separately, but Jimdo will remind you to save.

-some design options are a bit complicated to work with, but this is easy to overcome

-can be limiting in allowing you to design to your preferences

-has limited templates

-will limit your ability  to control photos

-copying and pasting may require an EXTRA step to reformat the text to look like the rest of your site

-site is searchable on search engines (use another platform if this is a concern or follow some of these privacy tips to help maintain your privacy while using Jimdo:

don’t use your name in your URL

  • don’t use your name in the title for your site
  • create a nom de plume (pen name) to use when referencing yourself in your ePortfolio. Make sure your instructors are aware that you are using a nom de plume.
  • submitting your URL on your “student” tab on MyPage will make it easier for your instructors to associate your ePortfolio with you.